Intracep at StormCon 2014 to share information about the Permeable Reactive Weir

2014-08-07 2:16 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)
I just returned from StormCon 2014 in Portland, Oregon. The conference had a great turnout, good speakers, and knowledgeable exhibitors. I attended most of the BMP Case Studies and Advanced Research Topics sessions and visited all the exhibitors involved with stormwater treatment to learn about the latest technologies and explore potential product collaboration. The conference provided a great stormwater science update and an overview of current research topics.

My favorite talks included:
  • Jennifer McIntyre's talk on stormwater toxicity and the efficacy of bioretention (does a great job removing highway runoff pollutants - juvenile coho die in pure highway runoff);
  • University of Idaho's talk on biochar removal efficiencies (doug fir biochar is better than Kentucky bluegrass);
  • Lisa Rozmyn's talk on the Washington Stormwater Center's roof runoff study (asphalt shingles aren't that bad compared to the alternatives); and
  • City of Portland's talk on bioretention plants (sedges are better than cattails and sunflowers).
StormCon will be in Austin, Texas next year - August 2 - 6, 2015. As if I needed another reason to go to Austin. I'll be there!
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