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  • 2020-06-26 4:38 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a second patent for permeable reactive weir (PRW) technology. This new patent includes a vast array of water treatment equipment, valves, pumps, jacks, bubble diffusers, fish sensors, and telemetry for tracking PRW performance. The new patent also includes connecting the PRW to various power sources including integrated micro hydroelectric, solar thermal, and photovoltaic. 

  • 2019-01-16 3:59 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    Intracep is seeking new partners to help test and demonstrate the effectiveness of permeable reactive weir technology. To kick things off, we are looking for projects in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Please feel free to contact us if you or someone you know may be interested in conducting a demonstration project. Ideal projects will have influent water quality that is within one order of magnitude of applicable standards (e.g., influent that is ten times the standard or less). 

  • 2018-11-13 3:32 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    After 4 years of hard work, Intracep has been issued a patent on permeable reactive weirs (PRWs). The patent provides Intracep with the sole rights to manufacture and distribute PRWs with opportunities to license the technology to regional partners.

    Now it's time to build the prototypes and get them tested in the field. Off to the races!

  • 2018-11-12 1:36 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    Intracep filed a new patent application to build upon our existing patent. The new patent application includes the potential for adding an energy source to the permeable reactive weir. The power source may be electrical, mechanical, or thermal. The new application also includes adding various water treatment equipment and sensors to the device to improve performance, monitoring, and automation. Together with the original patented technology, the PRW will be able to handle nearly any scope of work from stormwater treatment to surface water remediation.

  • 2018-07-12 11:50 AM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance for Intracep's Permeable Reactive Weir utility patent.

  • 2018-02-28 12:12 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    In late 2017, the PRW patent was deemed allowable by the US Patent and Trademark Office. After close examination of the allowed patent claims, we decided to add four new claims which provide broader protection for the invention and greater design flexibility. We anticipate getting final approval later this year. With the broader claims, the entirety of the PRW technology will be protected under US patent law.

    We are looking forward improving water quality and aquatic habitats throughout the country in the near future.

    I'm sure the fish are looking forward to that too!

  • 2017-11-27 12:36 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    The general utility patent for the permeable reactive weir (PRW) has been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Now, off to the races! We only have 6 weeks to draft and file our additional 20 claims for the Continuation In Part patent application.

    Stay tuned for some extensive PRW technology advancements! 

  • 2017-09-28 12:23 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    Intracep is developing new permeable reactive weir technology to enhance the performance and minimize maintenance requirements. The new technology will extend the service life of the PRW media cartridges, while improving pollutant removal efficiencies. New media specifications are being added to the patent to provide greater control of hydraulic conductivity and target a wider range of contaminants. These new features will compliment those specified in the original general utility patent. The new patent will be filed domestically in 2017 and internationally in 2018.

  • 2015-08-26 4:28 PM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    The design patent application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office today. The patent covers the appearance of the Permeable Reactive Weir.

  • 2015-03-04 11:06 AM | Erick McWayne (Administrator)

    The general patent was filed May 12, 2014. We are not working on the design patent, which is how the device will look in its various configurations. There are a lot of possibilities so we have been working on a lot of different drawings. We anticipate filing in the next few months.

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