The permeable reactive weir (PRW) is a patented water treatment technology designed to remove pollutants from stormwater and surface water. PRWs are hollow dams that contain filter media and other water treatment equipment, as well as optional boat and fish passage features. Permeable reactive weirs: improve aquatic habitats by removing pollutants; reducing water temperatures; and increasing dissolved oxygen.

Water treatment equipment within the weir may be selected to remove a wide variety of contaminants including agrochemicals, heat, metals, nitrogen, phosphorus, pathogens, petroleum, salts, surfactants, suspended solids, nanoparticles, halogenated hydrocarbons, and other toxic organics. 

Permeable reactive weirs may be installed in a variety of configurations including linear, labyrinth, piano key, or arched designs. These configurations may be selected to reduce upstream pool depth, accommodate passage of watercraft, and improve pollutant removal efficiency. Permeable reactive weirs may be installed above engineered stream beds, where both work in concert to remove pollutants and reduce surface water temperatures.

Intracep, LLC has the exclusive right to use, sell, license, and manufacture the permeable reactive weir under Patent No. 10,125,034. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your water quality challenges.

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